The mission of the Union is to provide a cultural, 社会, and recreational space that connects students to the campus experience while cooperatively offering co-curricular opportunities to support student academic success and 社会 belonging.

工会, through programming and operations, encourages self-directed activity, giving maximum opportunity for self-realization and for growth in individual 社会 competency and group effectiveness. In the Union, we are not only developing 学生s, we are developing Intellects.

67年,000 square foot Union is a multi-level facility that boasts numerous student services offices, 学生编程空间, and restaurant facilities for pg电子下载 students to enjoy!



Saturday, 5 pm-10 pm (food court only)

Sunday, 5 pm-10 pm (food court only)

To learn more about the Campus Union
please contact the Campus Union Director
Ms. 艾德里安·布拉克斯顿,601号.877.6321 or
Mr. Bilal Malik在601.877.6330


  • 哇餐厅 & Sub-Sandwich商店: 哇的翅膀 & 亚三明治店, 位于一楼, serve as a snack bar that specializes in short orders and other tasty items. The food court is open 11 AM – 10 PM Monday-Friday; and Saturday and Sunday, 5 PM – 10 PM (hours may vary during holiday breaks).

  • 校园邮政局: 学生s can register for a campus mailbox or visit the post office for all of their mailing and shipping needs. The post office can be reached at 601.877.6334.

  • 校园UPS中心: 学生s can utilize the UPS Center as a drop off location for all UPS shipping. The UPS Center can be reached at 601.877.3981.

  • Exercise and Fitness Center: Our Exercise and Fitness Center, located next to the WOW food court, is equipped with all of the weight and cardio machines that you need to keep physically fit! Join us for a good workout Monday-Friday, Noon – 9 PM.


  • 宴会厅: Our large ballroom hosts many campus activities including Orientation, Fashion Shows and many other student programs. This room can accommodate about 500 guests for lectures and 社会 activities; and 300 for banquet-style events.

  • 多用途室: A great space for smaller events, the multipurpose room is host to activities such as workout classes, 工艺品, 会议, and other events that require a smaller, 亲密的设置.

  • 游戏房间: The game room offers the campus community recreational and 社会 experiences through our many games and equipment. 请拨打601与我们联系.877.6330 to inquire about games, employment opportunities, or reservations. The game room is open Monday-Friday, Noon – 9 PM.

  • 视频游戏

  • Eight (8 ) Lane Bowling Alley

  • 六(6)台球桌
  • 三(3)乒乓球

  • Two (2) Basketball Shootouts

  • Two (2) Cornhole/Bean Bag Toss

  • 足球

  • 空气曲棍球

  • 洗板

  • 音乐

  • And numerous board games to choose from!


  • Office of Vice President for 学生事务 & 招生管理: The Office of the Vice-President is responsible for taking care of student needs and services on campus. The following offices are located in the 学生事务 suite. The Vice-President’s Office can be reached at 601.877.6380.

  • Assistant Vice-President for 学生 Development & 学生主任,601.877.4724

  • 就业服务,601.877.6246

  • 学生行为,601.877.6696

  • 学生参与,601.877.6341

  • 学生 Government Association Office (SGA): Stop by the SGA Office to meet your SGA President and elected class presidents!

  • 学生 Union Administrative Office: Visit the 学生 Union Administrative Office to reserve space in the Campus Union, 检查设备, 或查询节目! 601.877.6321

  • Other 二楼 Facilities: 工会 also has other spaces for programming, 躺, 专业发展, 社交和学习!

  • 计算机实验室

  • 会议室

  • 会议室

  • 总统餐厅

  • 学生 & 电视休息室


校园联盟 Guest House accommodates campus friends and visitors for overnight lodging. For more information, please contact the Campus Union Director at 601.877.6321.

Building Clearance | Space Reservation Electronic Form

学生 Organizations and Departments should use this link to request space reservations.

(This link has replaced the paper Building Clearance Form.)