J. D. Boyd Library

The J.D. Boyd Library is your window into the world’s knowledge base. 在校园的实体图书馆里, you’ll find books, journals, magazines, microform, audiovisual materials, newspapers, and more. Use computer terminals to access the Internet, 在小组学习区与同学见面, 或者参加Medgar W的演讲. Evers Auditorium.

You also can access library resources from your residence hall, home, or office. Through our website, 你可以pg电子下载的在线目录, databases, electronic books, full-text journals, 还有其他有用的信息. 拥有所有这些资源和更多, we strive to be a cornerstone of knowledge for students, faculty, and surrounding communities.


Students, faculty, and staff at pg电子下载’s Natchez campus have access to a wealth of information through the 纳奇兹图书馆学习资源中心 (NLLRC). You’ll find an impressive collection of nursing resources, 安置在五个主要护理区, related sciences, and specialties, 包括167本护理期刊.

If you’re taking business, education, 或其他非护理课程, 你可以利用越来越多的期刊, newspapers, microfilms, audiovisual materials, and more. You can take advantage of both computer terminals and wireless Internet service to search online. In addition, interlibrary loans give you access to the resources of the J.D. 主校区的博伊德图书馆.

学生和教师可以发电子邮件 [email protected] 获取对在线资源的访问. Please provide the following information: See example below:

Name: Jane Doe
1234 Success Lane
Enterprise, MS 12345
ASU#: A10000000
Phone Number: 601-000-0000
Email Address: [email protected]